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KyaPanel on Transifex

Finally KyaPanel joined to Transifex to make translations easy. So if KyaPanel is not in your native language and you wanna help with it, just join Transifex and start to get your hands dirty!

Translations with more than 85% will be immediately to KyaPanel source code!

Free Regards!

Version 2.3.0 RC1 released

Well, after a cold winter in João Pessoa :-), finally KyaPanel came out with it 2.3.0-RC1, a lot of minor Bug fixes has been done. But the special goal of this new version is it's integration with Zimbra that is much more refined, including it's new MDA method.

In the earlier versions KyaPanel was 100% responsible for deliver messages on the user mailbox in all situations, including integration with Zimbra. That use to be done using zmlmtpinject command for every single message. The inconvenience is that command use a lot of resources what increases the load average and degrade the server.

From now on, integration with Zimbra makes KyaPanel to be just a content-filter, and live the MDA to the native LMTP protocol. This makes all system much more efficient. So if you use any previous version, we suggest you to update wright now and take a look on the new Postfix "" configurations!

This version dos not support CentOS and RedHat, at least not officially. KP is going to get much more simple piece of software and since the project don't get any support from no one else, then we are going to cut out some features. In the next versions SQL backend, and the Samba module will be deactivated. The deb package is no longer provided. So if you feel like you can help the project supporting any of these features, let us know, we will glad to make you responsible for it.

take a look on the download page, only Debian 5 and Ubuntu LTS 10.04 are officially supported!

This is it. We hope You enjoy it as much as we do!


KyaPanel 2.2~10

Finally after a long period of time we are proud to announce the first Release Candidate of version 2.2~10!

The most important change was it's installation functions upgrade to allow KyaPanel to be installed on the new Debian 6 and Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS. Thats important because OpenLDAP is changing its setup method from the old slapd.conf file to a database called cn=config. This is a huge changing and KyaPanel has to be capable of deal with it.

In the other hand a couple of changes has been made to fit the new versions of Zimbra, but this has been tested only in Ubuntu. Be aware that Zimbra is not publishing any official version to Debian 6.

Well, this is it. We hope you enjoy this new version.

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